Arts Development

I’m council member Bill Miranda and I’m here on main street in front of the Main Theater.

One of the first votes I took on the council was to secure the Main Theater for all of our citizens. Whether you’re an artist and want to have a place to exhibit your art or an entertainer and want a stage with almost 100 seat venue or whether you’re a nonprofit that wants to have a fundraising event or just want to have lecture series, the Main is available to you.

That’s why I voted for it. When I took that vote, I said to the council, I want to make sure that the Main is available to all our citizens. We’ve had it in place for almost two years now. It’s one of the most successful venues the city has.

The Arts are very important to me, not just because art is such an integral part of our community, but because I live the arts.

My wife, Virginia is a professional artist. She’s also a professional art instructor. She has been teaching here in Santa Clarita for 31 years. She has her own business for 31 years. She’s taught over a thousand young people and some not so young, so I support the arts, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because I live it. I live it everyday and I see the results of young people developing as artists and growing as people and that’s important to our society, but I also see the other end of that. I see retired people come in and regenerate themselves, revive themselves with the arts and their interest in the arts, and I see them smile and to me that’s worth every vote I give to support the arts in Santa Clarita.

I want to continue to support the arts here in Santa Clarita, but I need your help. Vote for Bill Miranda for city council on November 6th.