Senior Initiative

I’m Council Member Bill Miranda. I’m so excited to be here at the site on Golden Valley Road of the new Senior Center.

You know, seniors have done a lot for us. Our parents have done a lot for us. Now it’s time for us to do what’s right for them.

So how does the city fit into this picture? Even though this building is funded by many private donations, the city has contributed a small portion of that to build this facility. That’s not all – the city has also worked very closely with the Senior Center to make sure that we go through the planning process, the construction process, to make sure that this Senior Center is ready in 2019 for our seniors.

The city helps provide transportation to the Senior Center. That’s very important, but it’s not just the city. We’re filled with volunteers and volunteer transportation to bring seniors to the Senior Center. That’s important. This is a city that supports one another. This is a city that works together. This is a city of volunteers.

You might have heard that my mother-in-law is 96 years old and she attends the Senior Center in Newhall three times a week. She has lunch at the Senior Center three times a week. That’s one of the reasons why she’s 96 years old. That’s part of what’s kept her alive and active and healthy for so many years. She dances, she chats with friends, she met her boyfriend at the Senior Center 15 years ago. Look at that – all these wonderful things have happened to me personally through my mother-in-law.

I support the Senior Center. On the Council, I voted in favor of the Council and the city supporting the Senior Center – supporting it in every way possible and I will continue to vote, not only for the Senior Center, but for our seniors. In order for me to continue my support for local seniors, I need your help. Vote for me, Bill Miranda, on November 6th.

Today’s Seniors

Seniors are more active than ever. I am a strong supporter of our new senior center and all the modern experiences it will provide for our seniors.

Lifelong learning requires books, magazines and newspapers yes, but it also requires computers and internet access as well as access to professors and expert speakers in many different areas of learning.

My plan is to provide seniors with those things and many more.