Local Veterans Initiative

I’m here at Post 507 of the American Legion in Newhall. This is one of many places in Santa Clarita where Veterans can gather to tell their stories.

There are 18,000 Veterans here in Santa Clarita and I’m one of them. We love to support other Veterans, and one of the ways we do that on the City Council is by supporting places like this – Post 507 American Legion in Newhall.

Here at the Veterans Center in Newhall. This is the first place that Veterans should go for Veteran support services. Here’s a book, Veterans Resource Book. We have it here at the center. But more importantly, we have people here at the center who will assist you, who will help you find the services that you need. If you are homeless, we will help you find housing. If you’re hungry, we’ll help you get food. If you’re in need of job training, we’ll help you find job training to help you get a better job in your community – this community that supports Veterans.

I support Veterans. I’m a Veteran myself. The city supports the Veterans Center, I support the Veterans Center, and that’s why I need your vote on November 6th.